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    Presenting World’s Highest Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated Hybrid Split AC & Hyper Inverter Split AC For Luxurious Living With Electricity Saving Up To 65% for World Class Comfort.

    Hybrid AC gives 1.5 times bigger area coverage compared to Conventional AC & still gives electricity saving upto 47%.

    SRK 05 CR-S
    0.5 Ton
    Upto* 6.96 sq.mtr.
    SRK 10 CRS-S6
    0.8 Ton
    Upto* 13.00 sq.mtr.
    SRK 12 / 13 CRS-S6
    1.1 Ton
    Upto* 15.97 sq.mtr.
    SRK 15 CVV-W6
    1.3 Ton
    Upto* 17.18 sq.mtr.
    SRK 18 CS-S6
    1.5 Ton
    Upto* 18.58 sq.mtr.
    SRK 19 CVS-W6
    1.6 Ton
    Upto* 26.01 sq.mtr.
    SRK 21 CNS-S6
    1.5 Ton
    Upto* 23.22 sq.mtr.
    SRK 20 CSS-S6/A
    1.6 Ton
    Upto* 26.01 sq.mtr.
    SRK 24 CW-S6
    1.95 Ton
    Upto* 32.5 sq.mtr.
    SRK 24 CS-S6/A
    2.0 Ton
    Upto* 27.87 sq.mtr.
    SRK 25 CWX-S6
    1.95 Ton
    Upto* 39.48 sq.mtr.
    SRK 25 CSS-S6/A
    2.2 Ton
    Upto* 41.80 sq.mtr.

    3D Vertical + Horizontal Air Scroll

    Auto Setting (3D Auto)

    Thanks to automatic control of air flow volume and air flow direction, comfortable air conditioning of the entire room can be done effectively.

    In cooling operation cooled air flows directly to the ceiling. The cooled air does not flow directly to the occupants of the room and the comfort cooled air flow comes from the ceiling like a soft shower.

    In heating operation warm air flows to the floor directly and spreads along the floor. Due to concentration of the warm air on the floor level, optimum comfort can be achieved.

    Manual Setting

    By individual control of right and left part of louver, air flow direction from the right part and the left part are controlled individually. Setting the most preferable air flow direction and determining whether direct air flow is required or not at the same time minimizing of energy loss and economical operation has realized.

    3D AUTO

    3D AUTO is one touch programmed and three motors (one vertical working motor + two horizontal working motors) make three independent air flow controls. The air flow is uniform and quiet and reaches at long distance points from the blower.


    We have designed the machines using higher capacity compressor + Bigger condensor Unit for maximum heat rejection for better cooling & higher energy efficiency, there by we claim for Maximum Cooling Capacities.

    0.8 Ton
    10500 BTU/hr.
    1.1 Ton
    13500 BTU/hr.
    1.6 Ton
    21000 BTU/hr.
    2.2 Ton
    26272 BTU/hr.
    Self Diagnostic

    In the Case, when air conditioner malfunction, an internal Micro-Computer Automatically runs Self Diagnosis function displays the flashing LED on the indoor unit and the User is able to identify the problem by referring the user’s manual troubleshooting table and inform the problem.


    Unlike the Capillary, which allows free flow of refrigerant, the EEV controls the flow of refrigerant according to the room cooling requirement load, It has numerous settings for the refrigerant flow. This helps in improving efficiency.

    Jet Flow Technology Powerful & Silent Air Flow

    Jet Engine Technology

    CFD (computational fluid dynamics), used in blade shape design of jet engines, has been applied to the design of air channels in air conditioners to develop the ideal air channel system (air circulation). The air flow of the jets created in this system enable a large volume of air to be blown with minimum power consumption, yet the air flow is uniform, quiet and reaches points a long distance from the blower.

    Positioning Of Installation

    You can set the left-right air flow directions when you installthe air conditioner near the side wall by remote controller operation.

    New Louver

    Due to redesigned size and shape, the new louver has been increased in surface area by 80%. In addition to increase of air flow volume, it has improved controllability of swinging to right and left.


    The new MHI HYPER INVERTER AIRCONDITIONER uses the TECHNOLOGY NEXT- DC PAM INVERTER + VECTOR CONTROL, with very high efficiency delivering 5.90 COP in SRK18YL-S Series (1.5 Ton Hyper Inverter), which is 33% higher than 5 star rated Conventional AC. Hyper Inverter uses EMBEDED MICRO PROCESSOR- MICRO CHIP having 1 lac + permutation & combination of opening & closing of the EEV (motorized electronic expansion valve) corresponding to the speed of the DC variable speed inverter compressor in accordance to the indoor temperature requirement with respect to the ambient temperature. This microprocessor electronically regulates the flow of refrigerant thru EEV to give optimum refrigeration cycle to deliver highest cooling efficiency at minimum electricity utilization there by giving 65% power saving over Conventional AC. Hyper Inverter gives a wide range of capacity deliverance 0.07 ton to 1.6 ton in SRK18YL-S. Hyper Inverter compressor runs at 130% of its speed to deliver output of 1.6 ton in the initial 15 minutes achieving the desired temperature and once the set temperature is reached it regulates the speed of the compressor at 7% of its actual speed to deliver 0.07 ton capacity to Conventional AC. Hyper Inverter uses a combination of PAM (PULSE AMPLITUDE MODULATION) + VECTOR CONTROL for smooth transition between low to high speed and vice versa.


    New Inverter Control has applied new advanced technology of Vector control and has realized high efficiency.

    • Smooth operation from low speed to high speed.
    • Energy efficiency is further improved in low speed range.
    • Smooth Sine Voltage Wave form are attained.

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