Warranty Service Request

We want to ensure your air-conditioner is working perfectly again as soon as possible and to assist in making your Warranty Service Request an easier and faster process, please complete the details below and press send.

If you cannot obtain information required to complete this form, please contact MHI Warranty and Service Department on 044 24346900 (Tamil Nadu) or 080 42059000 (Karnataka) for assistance.
Additionally, please ensure that the date of purchase and the date of installation is available with you.  Please note that we may request you supply us with a copy of your proof of purchase/date of installation documentation prior to the MHI service agent attending to your warranty service request. Before sending a service request, please make sure of the below:

1) Have you followed the product user manual troubleshooting advice in the event of an error in operation?
2) Has the installer been contacted to check his installation?
3) Has a power reset been completed to the system?
4) Are the drains and filters clear of any obstructions?
5) Have you checked that the correct wireless remote control is being used and that the batteries have also been checked and or replaced?
6) Has the remote control or hard wired control been checked for the correct operation settings?

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